8 Wrestlers Who Did Unusual Things Vince McMahon Loved

8. The Miz: Possessed Great Legs


Mike Mizanin is a shining example of how far a wrestler can go with a bit (okay, a lot) of charisma and a tremendous work ethic, having grafted his way from green reality TV star to one of the most well-rounded Sports Entertainers of his era since entering WWE through Tough Enough in 2004. Take nothing away from his success; he deserves every last drop of it.

It's safe to say that Miz won Vince McMahon over a long time ago. The aforementioned factors likely had much to do with this, as did something a little more obtuse: his legs.

As 'The A-Lister' told ESPN back in 2009, a backstage conversation with the Chairman prompted his switch from wearing shorts in the ring to trunks. "You look great in trunks, kid," Vince said. "You've got great legs. You should we wearing trunks."

Aesthetics are as important as anything else in wrestling and as Miz put it himself, "when Vince tells you you have great legs and that you need to be wearing trunks, you're wearing trunks."

Chris Jericho found himself in a similar situation one year prior, switching from full-length tights to trunks at the boss' behest.


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