8 Wrestlers Who Worked Through Ridiculous Injuries

You only sell the fake stuff.


This past week, we learned that Nia Jax could be out for up to a year as she undergoes a cutlery drawer full of knives to repair damaged ligaments on both of her knees.

One torn ACL is bloody nasty, two is horrific. What's worse is that Jax, either impervious to pain or unwilling to sacrifice her spot, had been working with the injury for nearly a year. Most people can't even stand with a single torn ACL, let alone wrestle with two.

It's certainly admirable, but definitely not smart, and speaks of a worrying insecurity harkening back to a bygone age. Once over, if a wrestler didn't work, they didn't get paid, and if you didn't get paid, there was no point wrestling. None of this 'boyhood dream' nonsense.

So wrestlers, being tougher than stewed leather, bloody well worked no matter what. Battered and bruised from 900 consecutive days on the road? That's nothing. Concussions, broken bones and even literally dislodged eyes - the only thing that'd stop these guys earning their purse was death.

And even in that case, they'd be called a wuss.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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