8 Wrestlers Who Worked Through Ridiculous Injuries

8. Cesaro - Impacted Teeth


The Swiss Superman became the Thwiss Thuperman at No Mercy 2017, when a gnarly accident during a tag match opposite The Shield sorted out the business end of his Christmas list in a single, eye-watering moment.

A slingshot gone awry saw Cesaro flung mouth-first into the steel ring post, resulting in both of his front teeth being impacted. In other words, smashed so hard that they were forced up into his gums. It looked as absolutely horrible as it sounds, and yet the European, after a quick check from a ringside dentist, sprang right back up and not only completed the match, but put on a blinder.

After the show, Cesaro revealed that his jaw had also been fractured in the incident, making his decision to continue doubly brave/silly. Did the strongman take any time off? Nope: he just popped a set of braces in, and continued to wrestle. Or, rather, 'wessle'.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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