8 Wrestlers WWE Regret Making World Champion

8. Jinder Mahal


May 2017's Backlash PPV sprung one of the more 'what, seriously?!' moments in recent WWE history, as Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton to become WWE Champion. Yes, the one and the same jobber supreme of 3MB fame had now been given a shot at carrying one of the biggest prizes in the wrestling business.

Jinder would actually embark on a 170-day reign as WWE Champion, although his spell on top was nauseating. Bar a couple of rematches with Orton and a brief feud with Shinsuke Nakamura, Mahal's time as WWE Champion saw him amass few notable wins in his six months with the gold. Not only that, but the bigger picture - and the more concerning matter for WWE brass - saw SmackDown's ratings tumble to worrying low after worrying low during the Calgary native's time on top.

To his credit, Mahal looked like a top star, he carried himself like a top star, and he had the elaborate entrance of a top star. It was just that the material Jinder was given to work with was lazy and dull, and his plodding ring style and dry delivery made for boring TV.

WWE should be commended for taking a shot on trying to elevate a talent to the status of WWE Champion, but that experiment failed on every level - be it TV ratings, match quality, or entertainment value.

The fact that Jinder Mahal hasn't been anywhere near the the main event scene since his failed WWE Championship run - in fact, Jinder was in the hunt for the 24/7 Title before undergoing knee surgery this past June - should be enough to tell you that WWE regrets ever taking a chance on the Modern Day Maharaja.

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