8 WWE NXT UK Stars Who Could Eventually Thrive On WWE's Main Roster

Assuming WWE doesn't butcher them creatively, of course.

In addition to NXT proper, NXT UK has been an awesome alternative for fans tired of the WWE product on Raw and SmackDown Live.

The seeds had been planted for the company creating its own United Kingdom-based brand as far back as early 2017 when the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament was held. However, it wasn't until the summer of 2018 that NXT UK officially became a reality with the first few batches of tapings airing every Wednesday on WWE Network starting that October 2018.

NXT UK held its first-ever live TakeOver special in Blackpool in January, and by all accounts, the event was a raving success. Fans are awaiting the next installment, but in the meantime, there are plenty of exciting stories worth investing in on the weekly television show.

Of course, not everyone currently on the NXT UK roster will a part of the brand forever. With some being bigger stars than others, they will eventually hit a ceiling and have no choice but to venture over to either Raw or SmackDown where they can become even greater sensations in front of a larger audience.

While there's no guarantee they'll be handled properly from the get-go, the following eight competitors have shown that they what it takes to thrive on the grand stage of WWE with the right booking.

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