8 WWE Releases To Expect In 2020

Time is a-ticking on these WWE careers.


While the emergence of All Elite Wrestling initially saw Vince McMahon hesitant to bellow "You're fired!!!!" at anybody for a little while, it appears that McMahon has softened his stance a little on handing out WWE releases - with Luke Harper a recent prime example of a star being let go by WWE within the past several months.

So with the prospect of WWE releases now back on the table, many a WWE-contracted talent may be contemplating a life outside of The E. Whether that's actively seeking their WWE release or alternatively getting outright fired, several names could soon find themselves exiting McMahon's sports entertainment behemoth.

At the moment, wrestling fans are gearing up for WWE's annual Road to WrestleMania. After 'Mania is in the company's rear-view mirror, however, WWE usually turns its attention to freeing up some funds by embarking on a purge of its contracted talent. And that's not even thinking of what other releases - or expiring contracts - could follow later in the year should McMahon decide that the time is right to cut bait on certain names.

Here, then, are eight (well, technically nine) WWE departures that could happen before 2020 is out.

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