8 WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Impulse Reactions

It's a Rated-R Royal Rumble, featuring Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar, the NXT Women's Division & EDGE.



It's pro wrestling's greatest trick until it's weaponised by angry audiences, and for many years the Royal Rumble succumbed to it. The hype for the Royal Rumble has always been heightened because of the stipulations and the stakes. Their "winner goes to the main event of WrestleMania" patter still has value despite the amount of times they've abandoned it over the past several years. Some haven't headlined, plenty haven't won titles, and yet ahead of the 2020 show - like almost every other - the hype is still real.

Good job, too. The women's division needed it in place of having any actual entrants.

A focus on Brock Lesnar's involvement in the men's match and the two female singles title matches elsewhere on the card seemed to have a knock-on effect on the other half of the main roster. WWE having the gall to only announce seven competitors for the match, post-Women's Revolution, was criminal even if some of the surprises made up for the lazy build when the match kicked off proper. Again, WWE tapped into hype, even if it arrived late.

Hype for the undercard was high. Hype for at least one of the Rumbles was through the Minute Maid Park roof. But as the Road To WrestleMania began in for real, did it prove just hype after all?


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