8 WWE Superstars Whose Careers Ended The Worst Way Possible

This isn't how goodbye is supposed to feel.

Lita Wwe

Not everyone in the WWE locker room is going to be lucky enough to receive such a momentous exit from the company as Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Those two were freaking legends and rightfully earned those significant sendoffs. Still, no wrestler who dedicates so much of their time and energy to the profession deserves to leave on a low note. (Except maybe Hulk Hogan. Screw that racist old dickbag.)

Yet, due to the tenuous nature of the business and the abundance of backstage politicking that occurs on a weekly basis, a lot of really great workers are shoved out the door with nothing more than a boot to the ass...or worse. And since WWE has pretty much become the only game in town (to procure large sums of money, anyway), an unceremonious exit from the company is nowadays akin to a career-ending departure.

So it would be truly unfortunate to leave World Wrestling Entertainment on a sour note. If there's any doubt to that, feel free to ask the following superstars about it.

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