9 Early Predictions For TNA Bound For Glory 2017

If TNA survives, what will Bound for Glory 2017 look like?

Ryback Paige TNA

As with most things in the history of TNA, a weekend that promised much delivered very little. Going into Bound for Glory weekend the main question surrounding the show was whether it would take place at all, with the usual rumours of financial woe floating around like a bad smell. Would Billy Corgan buy the compny outright to keep it afloat, or would WWE come in to pick up the video library and leave the rest to rot?

In the end, none of the above happened and the show went ahead as normal. With their backs up against the wall, surely the TNA talent would pull out all of the stops in the hope of quieting some naysayers on what is supposed to be their WrestleMania? Well, not really. The show happened, the show was fine.

The Great War between the Hardys and Decay was exactly as bonkers as it should have been, and Gail Kim's Hall of Fame induction was particularly well done. Everything else was just there. Cody (not quite Rhodes) made his debut, but with question marks still hovering over TNA no one is sure what the future holds.

Let's pretend the future holds another year of marmite-like pro wrestling from TNA. In this pretend world, let's ask ourselves what Bound for Glory 2017 will look like one year from now. Who are the new recruits and what are the major feuds? Allow me to be your personal Jeremiah.


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