9 Forgotten Times Shawn Michaels Was Pinned

It wasn't just the biggest names in the business who pinned the Heartbreak Kid.

Umaga HBK

Whilst not as heavily-protected as some of his peers, Shawn Michaels was not pinned too many times in his World Wrestling Entertainment career. From the moment he broke out into singles competition, Michaels was treated as a big deal, and big deals need to lose very rarely in order for the audience to invest in them. As such, you can count Michaels' pinfall losses pretty easily, and clean as a whistle ones number even fewer.

Still, we all remember times Michaels was pinned. The Undertaker did it two WrestleManias in a row, in arguably the two greatest ever matches on the biggest stage. Triple H has also pinned Michaels on a few occasions. Going back further, we may remember Diesel pinning him at WrestleMania XI, or Sycho Sid giving Jose Lothario a heart attack and pinning our hero in the process.

Heck, those with a keen memory may even remember Randy Orton pinning Michaels at Unforgiven in 2003, or Edge coming out on top of their battles in 2005. Hidden within his record, however are a number of singles losses that seem to have slipped the collective minds of the WWE Universe.

Here are nine times Shawn Michaels was pinned, nine times you most likely have forgotten.

9. Vs Kane - Raw 2006

Umaga HBK

The Vince McMahon feud really didn't do much for Shawn Michaels and his pin-fall record did it? The very first match on Monday Night RAW in 2006 saw Michaels go one-on-one against the Big Red Machine Kane, and the two put on exactly the sort of 15-minute Kane vs. Shawn Michaels match one would expect.

Michaels bumped around like a madman for his bigger opponent, and seemed to have everything under control as he hit Kane with his flying elbow from the top rope. As he set up for Sweet Chin Music, Vince McMahon returned to the arena and stated that if he used the move, he would be thrown out of the forthcoming Elimination Chamber match.

This was enough of a distraction for Michaels to turn around into a huge Chokeslam, allowing Kane to pick up the pinfall.


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