9 Obscure WWE Royal Rumble Statistics

Bet'cha didn't know these ones!


Creating this list took up a lot of time. Every Royal Rumble match was combed through, copied and pasted onto a spreadsheet, before factoring in a variety of different spreadsheets to focus on different statistics. Thankfully, it was a labour of love - putting this information together was fascinating.

Of course, there were the basics, like total eliminations and total time spent in the match (which still took quite a while to calculate)...but we all know about those. Kane has entered the most Rumbles and has the most eliminations, Chris Jericho has the longest cumulative Rumble time, Roman Reigns has the most eliminations in a single Rumble, we've heard these ones a million times. So I went looking for the stats that next-to-nobody could know.

As a small note, I did not include the Women's nor the Greatest Royal Rumble in my statistics. The Women's Rumble was not included because there has only been one as of this writing, and meaningful statistics cannot be derived from just one collection of data. The Greatest Royal Rumble was not included because it turned out to be no more special than if a Rumble occurred on a random house show. So apologies to Daniel Bryan and Braun Strowman, but your individual Rumble records were not factored in.

So, before Strowman knocks down my door to give me these hands, let's get on with it -


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