9 Reasons WWE Draft 2016 Was A Colossal Failure

7. Raw Has No Marquee Babyface Star


This is a surprising development considering the focus was clearly on stacking the talent toward WWE's man show, but there's simply no big name face star for the fans to get behind that is capable of carrying the brand.

Regardless of everyone's opinions of John Cena, the guy moves merch, sells tickets and pulls in ratings as the polarizing babyface who the women and children support unconditionally. WWE obviously wants that with Roman Reigns, but just as obvious is the fact that it simply isn't happening and may never happen if they don't change course on him upon his return. Stubbornly digging in and forging ahead is not going to work, but what do I know. Nosediving ratings, disappointing house show ticket sales and unimpressive merchandise numbers are clearly no indicator of someone's success, I suppose?

So with no Cena on Raw, and Seth Rollins continuing on as a hell - at least for the time being - who does that leave? There are some obvious choices for potential talent to fill that role. Sami Zayn and Finn Balor are clearly great options, but that's going to take some work.

Raw needs someone ready RIGHT NOW, and short of turning Rollins face - possibly a double turn with Reigns at Battleground? - there's a gaping void that is going to need to be filled and quickly.


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