9 Things We Learned From Baron Corbin On Talk Is Jericho

2. He Nearly Fell Off The Top Of The Ladder At Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank Baron Corbin

After managing to keep his balance and get to the top of a wonky ladder at Money In The Bank, Corbin reached up and grabbed hold of the hook and chain holding the briefcase while he unhooked it. Right before he mastered the hook (Baron claimed he was worried about "taking forever up there"), he almost fell off the ladder.

The chain draped down from the rafters is pretty heavy duty, which not a lot of fans probably know. As it goes almost all the way up to the building's ceiling, one slight swing can build enough momentum to take even WWE's biggest men with it. That was the problem at MITB.

When Baron leaned back to finally unhook the case, he forgot to let go of the chain and thus nearly lost his footing on the top rungs of the ladder. This would have been a huge disaster, because Corbin didn't have the case in his hands. Had he fallen from the top without it, he'd have looked like a colossal idiot.


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