9 Things We Learned From Baron Corbin On Talk Is Jericho

1. Corbin Lives In The Undertaker's Old House

Baron Corbin

As aforementioned, Baron Corbin and Chris Jericho actually live in the same neighbourhood. They didn't go into specifics about exactly where they live (would you want crazy fans stalking you!?), but they did tell a fascinating story about who used to own Corbin's current abode.

Built specially for The Undertaker, Baron's home was also once owned by The Big Show too. There's a reason Show was interested in purchasing 'Taker's house; knowing it'd be suitable for a big man, Show loved the 25ft high ceilings, 12ft doorways and the fact kitchen cabinets were higher than in most normal households.

Hilariously, Corbin's wife can barely reach those cupboards. He and Jericho joked that someday he'd find a box in the basement full of old Undertaker memorabilia. As soon as the interview was done, Baron was likely rooting around seeing what he could find.

That house has some serious WWE history.

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