9 Things We Learned From WWE's Holy Grail: Bret Hart Vs. Tom Magee

Does the most famous lost match in company history match the hype?

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When something is missing for 33 years, you start to think maybe, just maybe, no matter how many times you scrummage behind the sofa, it might just be lost forever.

That was the case for those fans of wrestling folklore for the past three decades hoping beyond all reasonable hope that footage of Bret Hart's infamous 1986 match with Tom Magee, a carry-job of such magnitude that Vince McMahon was apparently sold on the latter as his next big star, would one day magically show up.

It wouldn't. It was gone, binned in a vault clear-out, tape perished over time, and doomed to exist only within the fading memories of those present and the imaginations of those who wished they were.

And then it turned up.

For no good reason, Bret Hart's archivist Mary Kate Anthony suddenly realised, from her time converting his career to a sturdier digital format, that she had in her hands wrestling's cup of the carpenter. After the tease, she agonisingly went radio silent on the matter. Was that, frustratingly, that?

Nope. She had a brilliant reason: WWE were preparing a documentary and feature showing of this most mythical of matches. After Raw last night, we finally got to see it. Did we learn anything new on this story - and did it live up to its reputation? Could it?

Let's find out.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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