9 Things We Learned From WWE's Holy Grail: Bret Hart Vs. Tom Magee

9. There's Commentary!


It's sort of peculiar, given the unearthed footage begins in medias res, but what had also been assumed to be a taped 'trial' match is actually overlaid with commentary. The voices calling the action weren't a bottom-rung C-team comprising Bruce Prichard and The Duke of Dorchester, but the premier broadcast duo of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

The Brain and the Brawn obviously weren't gabbing for the good of the health, and presumably WWE planned to air the contest at some point - especially as the commentary would have been added during a post-production process. Tellingly, there were clearly instructions to put over Magee big; Gorilla promises a big future for MegaMan, whilst Heenan casually drops a comparison to Paul Orndorff - then enjoying a huge main event programme opposite the man Magee might replace.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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