9 Ups & 5 Downs From IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds 2021

Callis fires Callihan, Omega and Moose produce a banger, Generation Me make a comeback.

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Against All Odds was IMPACT Wrestling's greatest IMPACT Plus special yet.

How could it not be? It laid out the perfect narrative heading into Slammiversary season. There are several reasons to invest in their product right now. Sami Callihan just got fired ahead of his World Championship clash with Kenny Omega. Omega just retained said title against Moose in an all-time banger. W. Morrissey, formerly Big Cass who struggled to make it as a solo act in WWE, just defeated a former World Champion and looked like a killer in doing so.

That phrase could apply to numerous others. Deonna Purrazzo, while not pulling off quite the best match vs. Rosemary here, has cemented herself as a corker of a Knockouts Champion. Eric Young is leading Violent By Design in the path of being in IMPACT's top five factions ever. Madman Fulton laid out a chunk of the X Division in one spot. Steve Maclin is allowed to do something of note.

Right now, the Anthem-helmed promotion is legitimately a land of opportunity that has no glass ceiling. Against All Odds merely set the tone for the next few weeks. IMPACT's world is about to change again.

Let's get to it...

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