9 Wrestlers’ Daughters Following In Their Father’s Footsteps

No, not like Steph...

Tessa Blanchard NXT

Having never been either a father or a daughter I often struggle to understand the mythicised bond between the two. Hollywood can't stop itself from pushing the slightly creepy "daddy's girl" thing on us every so often but that is still nothing compared to the treatment it gets in wrestling. I literally grew up watching Vince McMahon borderline try to smash his own daughter.

But that not withstanding there is still something about the bond between a young woman and an older version of said woman who also happens to be a man. While it's often romanticised for sons to follow in their father's footsteps, having a child overcome a possible gender bias in order to do the same is, if anything, far more interesting.

Charlotte and Ric Flair, Tamina and Jimmy Snuka, Natalya and Jim Neidhart, wrestling loves a father/daughter story, and a quick nose around both the Performance Center and the indies suggests it's something we'll be seeing plenty more of in the coming years.

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