9 Wrestlers’ Daughters Following In Their Father’s Footsteps

9. Amy Hennig

Amy Hennig

Yes that's right, Curtis Axel isn't the only wrestling fruit of Mr Perfect's loins. As early as 2008 his younger sister Amy was carving out a successful career for herself on the US indy scene; that's before any of us had even heard the words "Michael McGillicutty".

While it's currently unclear precisely where she plies her trade in 2018, reports are that she is still sporadically active in her native Minnesota. Sadly Amy never made it to WWE - or even, in fact, one of its many developmental territories at the time - as her emergence in the sport would have been timed nicely with her brother's arrival on the company's main roster.

It's not often we've seen brother/sister wrestler pairings, and the children of Mr Perfect arriving in his old stomping ground at the same time would arguably have been a more interesting angle than anything Axel has done during his time there. Nexus aside, of course.

Whatever she's up to now, reports of her in-ring skill and technical pedigree during her prime were enough to see that the apple had indeed not fallen far from the tree.

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