9 Wrestlers Injured By The Styles Clash

There's a reason Vince isn't keen...

Has WWE banned the Styles Clash? Many thought they had, given AJ Styles' reluctance to use the move during his first few weeks as part of the company's main roster. A ceremonial passing of the torch, if you will, seemed to take place at WWE Fastlane when Chris Jericho kicked out of the Clash, before the Phenomenal One locked in the Calf Crusher for the win. WWE looked to have established a new finisher for AJ there and then, but the man himself tweeted to deny all of this. https://twitter.com/AJStylesOrg/status/705408327765925888 Calls for the Clash to be banned is not a new thing and it's not just Vince McMahon trying to establish some form of dominance over another internet darling. They've been around for years, simply because of how dangerous the move is. Even though you might readily assume that it's a pretty straightforward bump for a professional wrestler to take, it's really not. Due to the way that the guy taking the move has to raise his chin rather than tucking it like he'll do for just about every move, this means that the margin for error is significantly decreased. Imagine doing something one way forever, and then being extremely fatigued at the end of a long match with AJ befofe being asked to do the exact opposite. It has often spelled trouble for certain performers. Here are seen wrestlers who have been injured at the hands of the Styles Clash.
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