9 Wrestlers Injured By The Styles Clash

9. Corey Graves Back in the days when NXT announcer Corey Graves was breaking into the business, he wrestled AJ Styles over in England as part of the 1PW Championship Tournament. Known then as Sterling James Keenan and trying to make an impression on his peers and bookers alike, Graves decided to tuck his chin and spike himself into the mat while take a Styles Clash, which wasn't a wise move. "My neck sound like a machine gun as we hit, and to be honest, I scared the living hell out of myself. As the ref counted three, I made sure I could feel and move all my limbs, and luckily I could", Corey told WhatCulture's own James Dixon in the book 'All Or Nothing'. Graves somehow managed to escape serious injury, but still spent some time on the shelf after the incident. You never know, there could be a young upstart in WWE who could go against the orders of his superiors and pull a similar trick to Graves in a vain attempt to impress his bosses. Let's hope they don't.
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