A Brief History Of World Wrestling All-Stars

7. Big Name Talent

WWA made an immediate statement of intent to the wrestling world by the strength of their roster. Comprising genuine main event talent, World Wrestling All-Stars certainly lived up to its name.

Ironically, perhaps the biggest draw of the entire promotion was a man that was no longer actively wrestling. Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is was and forever will be one of the biggest names in wrestling. Taking the role of Commissioner, Hart was the face of WWA and took prime billing in the pre-tour promotion. His anti-McMahon stance was also well-documented, making him a great fit for the WWA as opposition to the WWF.

Outside of Hart, WWA also secured the services of a host of other main event talents that hadn't migrated to WWF. Boasting the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Sid, Sting, and Lex Luger, the WWA was far more of a successor to WCW than WWF's version of the brand ever was.

In addition to the WCW acts, WWA also hired several recognisable personnel from the WWF, with Road Dogg, Brian Christopher, and Jerry Lawler all coming into the company with instant name-recognition from their time in New York. Meanwhile, the additions of ECW headliners, like Sabu, Shane Douglas, and Jerry Lynn gave the WWA enough extreme-influence to attract ECW fans as well.


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