A WWE Legend Helped Produce SmackDown's Urine Segment

You'll never guess who...

Fightful reported that D-Von Dudley helped produce the now-infamous urine segment between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus on the 12 June episode of SmackDown.

The skit was scripted by WWE writer Zach Hyatt and another (unidentified) creative team member, but D-Von was the one tasked with making sure it went off without a hitch and giving his own ideas on what might improve things.

Hardy emptying the contents of his p*ss sample all over Sheamus was classic Vince McMahon toilet humour. It's likely Dudley was instructed to make the best of things and ensure that the camera caught Sheamus retching after being soaked with pee.


Originally, the segment notes reportedly also had a "Dr. Kirshenbaum" named. He was the character played by actor Frank George during the Performance Center prank, but the Kirshenbaum name was never mentioned by Sheamus, Hardy or the announcers throughout filming.

Maybe that was a D-Von call.


The WWE Hall Of Famer has been working as a producer for several years now. He can sometimes be spotted breaking up brawls on TV between other wrestlers, at least when he's not in charge of the crew for urine-based segments.

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