AEW Deletes Tweets, Video Hyping MJF Vs. Wardlow (UPDATED)

MJF vs. Wardlow hangs in the balance ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing 2022.

MJF Wardlow

Update (Sunday 29 May - 17:10 EDT): The YouTube video hyping MJF vs. Wardlow has now is no longer listed as private and is viewable here.

With just over four hours to go until bell time, whether or not MJF vs. Wardlow will go ahead at AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 remains unclear.

MJF's pay-per-view status has been brought into question over the past 24 hours. It became a talking point on Saturday, when the 26-year-old no-showed a Fan Fest signing event, before it emerged a ticket for a plane flying out of Las Vegas, Nevada had been booked for him later that night. Fortunately for AEW, MJF didn't end up boarding that flight.


Now, AEW personnel are fanning the flames of speculation by deleting promotional material for MJF's long-awaited pay-per-view showdown with Wardlow.

A (likely pre-scheduled) tweet from @AEW was deleted within a few seconds of being posted earlier today:-


As originally pointed out by @WrestlingNewsCo, AEW has now made a hype video for MJF vs. Wardlow private on its YouTube channel, having uploaded the clip earlier in the day:-


A product of long-term storytelling effectively going back to 2019, when both men took their first steps in AEW, MJF vs. Wardlow was one of (if not the) most hyped matches on Double Or Nothing 2022. It remains on the lineup for now. Whether or not it'll still be there come showtime is unknown.

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