Major Update On MJF's Status For AEW Double Or Nothing 2022

The Salt of the Earth was rumoured to have booked a flight out of Las Vegas last night.


Following today's huge news that MJF may have removed himself from tonight's Double or Nothing PPV, there now comes an update on this situation.

For those who may have missed, yesterday saw MJF no show AEW Fan Fest. The relationship between Friedman and the company is said to be at an all-time low, with AEW "very unhappy" with the charismatic star right now. While nobody from AEW was able to make contact with Max during Fan Fest, it was also reported that MJF had a flight booked out of Las Vegas last night. Of course, Las Vegas is the location of today's PPV.

Previously, it wasn't known if the three-time Diamond Ring winner had got on the aforementioned flight, but Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful has now provided an update to say MJF was not on the plane. Sapp had earlier stated how he himself had seen "physical evidence" that a ticket had been purchased, whilst Mike Johnson of PWInsider added how MJF was booked on a red-eye flight from Vegas to Newark, New Jersey.


For those questioning whether this is all merely a work, both Sapp and Johnson have reiterated that this is very much a genuine shoot and that this is just the latest development in the ongoing issues between MJF and AEW. Only earlier this month, Tony Khan and MJF butted heads after Max didn't ask for permission from the company to do an interview with Ariel Helwani. That in itself came on the back of plentiful reports of the talent being unhappy with his current AEW contract.


Whether MJF's hotly-anticipated match against Wardlow goes ahead at Double or Nothing later today remains to be seen, but the latest word right now seems to indicate that the Salt of the Earth is still in Las Vegas as of this writing.

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