AEW Double Or Nothing: 18 Things You Probably Missed

Attention, Triple H. Love, Cody and the boys...


Now that first show is over, interest turns to seeing how AEW will keep the casual viewers (who may have tuned in to see what all the fuss what about) around. If any WWE hardcores broke free from the McMahon-led bubble to give Double Or Nothing a try, they'd have surely been captivated by some (not all) of the pay-per-view's moments.

Right at the head of that queue sits Dean Ambro...sorry, Jon Moxley's surprise debut after the Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega main event. Moxley even found the time to aim a one-fingered salute at 'nobody in particular' with Cody Rhodes on social media afterwards.

Nobody, including WWE, would've missed that. The entire wrestling world is talking about it.

Here's some things you might have missed though. This list has 18 gems from AEW's inaugural show that either happened during the show itself, occurred immediately afterwards or came to light thanks to Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Brutal bumps, blood, WWE disses, The Revival references and evil little girls who like seeing wrestling legends in pain are the order of the day...


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