AEW Double Or Nothing: 8 Things We Learned

Jon Moxley is Omega. Jon Moxley is All Elite.


Somewhere, hidden away in his Stamford, Connecticut lair, one Vince McMahon might be cursing.

Should WWE be fearful of the future though? Absolutely not. If there's one thing AEW proved with their very first pay-per-view, it's that the dynamism of surprises and the sweet scent of competition in the air is good for everybody. That includes WWE. Indeed, a future of battling events between both companies sounds wonderful.

That was one of the chief takeaways from Double Or Nothing, an event so hotly anticipated it was almost impossible for the seven match card (and two pre-show bouts) to live up to the hype. There was a feeling of celebration in Las Vegas; wrestling fans and a supercharged roster united to have fun, and that's not something levied at the industry often enough in 2019.

Here's everything we learned from All Elite's big chance to leave a lasting impression. It may shock you to hear that not everything is 100% positive, and nor was it ever going to be. That wasn't realistic going in, especially for a group who are still finding their feet in the face of 'WWE beater' tags on social media.

A new era is here...


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