AEW Dynasty 2024: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

This would be the WORST thing Tony Khan has ever done. He'd ruin AEW Dynasty!

AEW Dynasty Tony Khan CM Punk

Well, here goes.

Exploring the absolute dirt worst that could happen on AEW's next pay-per-view stings a little more than usual due to the current strength of the roster. Tony Khan has a world class lineup of wrestlers at his disposal, but he's been far too preoccupied with WWE "hate" and CM Punk chatter to focus on developing their characters or concentrating 100% on build towards Dynasty.

Will that come back to bite the boss? This article (rather predictably given the nightmare element) says yes. There's a case to be made that All Elite Wrestling could've done without adding another PPV to the schedules - they've got Double Or Nothing coming up next month, which is traditionally AEW's biggest tentpole event. You wouldn't really know it due to all the outside noise.

Khan's obsession with biting back at WWE to anyone who'll listen put cracks in the build towards this show. Things could get worse for the company if that chaos continues this weekend. That nonsense and a boatload of other nightmare fuel is included here.

Please, please, please say none of this is going to happen in St. Louis. Please?!

10. HOB = Afterthought AGAIN!

AEW Dynasty Tony Khan CM Punk

In his quieter moments, Malakai Black must be gazing over at Triple H’s WWE and wondering if he’d make a splash second time around. The dude’s making money in AEW, but (other than Julia Hart nabbing the TBS Title) his House Of Black faction has been booked into oblivion. They’re just not as threatening or credible as they should be.

It’s a problem Tony Khan doesn’t seem keen to fix.

At Dynasty, Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews face Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe. It’d be a surprise if HOB came out on the winning end, and they could feasibly end up as jobbers to the stars for the babyface trio. What else is new for these lads, eh? They’re closer to Social Outcasts than Judgment Day at the moment, which sucks to see.

The main core in House Of Black can’t seem to force their way into important positions on the card. They’re consistently overlooked in favour of others, and that has to be doing Malakai’s head in. He came to AEW nearly three years ago to do great things. Everyone’s still waiting to see them.


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