AEW Full Gear: 10 Things That Must Happen

If you want blood, you got it...

AEW Full Gear

Jake Hager was throwing bombs, Santana and Ortiz were vicious street-fighting thugs, The Young Bucks dived off the set, Chris Jericho tried to get the hell out of dodge, Cody watched in awe as Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega waged war, cats and dogs were living together. Mass hysteria.

That Ghostbusters quote isn't quite as random as one might think. Who you gonna' call? Were this the 1990s, you'd be calling your local cable operator to order AEW's Full Gear after the sh*t-kicking brawl that ended this week's Dynamite. Ladies and gents, that's how you sell a pay-per-view as must-see, and All Elite deserve credit for it.

Now for the tricky part.

This is the first AEW supershow in the Dynamite era, and it's a biggie. Several questions are there to be answered, but none are more pressing than the one hanging over the World Title main event. Does Jericho retain? If so, does he do so cleanly? Will Cody end Jericho's reign at a mere 70 days?

These are the things that simply must happen for Full Gear to both entertain and lay foundations for AEW's future...


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