AEW Launching New Championship "Soon"?

Which division is in line to score brand new gold in All Elite Wrestling?

AEW New Title?

AEW are set to introduce a secondary women's championship, according to Mat Men Podcast's Andrew Zarian's latest report on Twitter.

Dropping the news shortly before last night's AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, Zarian said;

The news follows rumblings that a new title has been in the works for months, and various teases about the production of the belt itself have all but confirmed it. There's been lots of speculation that the company will eventually introduce a trios division (and that could theoretically be formalised with Championship), but for the time being it seems as though the oft-maligned women's division is getting the nod.


Theoretically, this could be absolutely brilliant for the company.

It's been a case of one forward/two back in terms of taking steps with women's wrestling thus far, but one of the few times the show offered creative investment below the top title was during Serena Deeb's NWA Championship run. Should this replicate that - particularly with a general like Deeb dominating the division - the organisation might yet find the fix they've not looked hard enough for up until now.


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