AEW Star Now A Free Agent - Headed To WWE?

With his AEW contract having now expired, could this star be heading to WWE?

Matt Hardy

After plentiful reports that his AEW deal was due to expire at some point last month, Matt Hardy is now officially a free agent. Not just that, but he's not ruling out a return to WWE.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Hardy addressed his current status and how the thing that matters the most to him professionally right now is the legacy of the Hardy Boyz.

As Matt explained:

"What's important to me, I think more than anything else now, is the legacy of Jeff and I. We're mentioned in the conversation of the greatest tag teams, and we want to help younger teams, we want to build teams, but also you have to be put into a position to succeed where you do seem relevant, you do seem at the top of your game. You can't just go out there and get beat every week. So, it's very important that we're utilised in the right way, so that when we do have a program with someone and we build to a big match, and when they beat us, it means something. Because if you get beat without reason, it doesn't really mean anything."

Hardy added:

"A legacy could be completed with a good run as tag team champions somewhere else, where we have good quality matches, especially working against guys we're smartly booked against."

In a fantastic interview, Matt Hardy also stated how he'd like to wrestle for another two years if he's capable and detailed how he's currently down to 204 lbs, with the aim of getting to 200 lbs. The star noted how Jeff Hardy is likewise in great shape, doing cardio at 5am every day and in a good place with his life.


As previously reported, while Matt's AEW deal was coming up in March, Jeff is still tied down to AEW for the next little while, with the Charismatic Enigma's existing contract having time tacked on for injury and absence. So, if Matt Hardy was to turn up in a WWE, a TNA, or anywhere else in the near future, he'd seemingly be without his brother in the short-term.

It's also worth adding that Matt has been offered a new deal with AEW, but he's been extremely open about how he's in no rush to immediately re-sign with the promotion. Rather, he's weighing up all of his options before signing what could well be the final contract of his in-ring career.


If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Chris Van Vliet with a H/T to WhatCulture for the transcription.

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