AEW Star Says He Wrestled Recent Rampage Match BLIND

An AEW wrestler couldn't see during his sensational match with Jon Moxley.

Wheeler Yuta Blood

Wheeler Yuta has revealed that he couldn't see a thing for most of his celebrated match vs. Jon Moxley on the 8 April episode of AEW Rampage.

The match was Yuta's onscreen tryout for William Regal's Blackpool Combat Club, and it ended up being one of the best bouts fans have ever seen on AEW's third hour. Wheeler told Wrestling Inc that this is a minor miracle, because blood pouring into his eyes meant he was literally running blind for a fair chunk of the match.

"Wrestling that match was really hard", he said.


Somehow, Yuta and Mox combined to work a pulsating 12-minute bout that had fans in Boston on their feet. The main event elevated Wheeler to that next level, and made him feel like a great fit for the Combat Club - he'll look back on it fondly, but probably doesn't remember what most of it looked like.

Pro wrestling is insane sometimes. Imagine being able to put together a match that good without being able to properly see. Yuta (and Moxley) deserve a ton of credit for pulling that out of the bag.

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