AEW & The Owen Hart Foundation Announce Partnership

AEW to deliver The Owen Hart Cup, merchandise, action figures, and video game appearances.

Owen Hart IC Champ

Following AEW filing for the "King of Harts" trademark earlier in the year, Tony Khan's promotion has now officially entered into a working relationship with The Owen Hart Foundation.

As part of this agreement, AEW will host the annual Owen Hart Cup Tournament, with the winner of said tournament receiving a cup known as The Owen.

Elsewhere, this deal will see the production of "unique and original" Owen Hart merchandise, Owen action figures from Jazwares, the inclusion of Hart in the upcoming AEW console game, and plenty more.


In the press release that accompanied this huge news, Owen's widow Martha stated how this agreement was her "special gift to all of Owen’s magnificent loyal fans".

Following last year's Dark Side of the Ring episode spotlighting the tragic death of the two-time Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart merchandise was released on Pro Wrestling Tees. Prior to that, Martha and her children had distanced themselves from anything to do with the wrestling world since the devastating loss of Owen back in 1999 at the age of just 34.


Hearing that Owen Hart will be honoured in AEW is fantastic news for wrestling fans, and it's clearly an indication of how much faith Martha and her family have in Tony Khan's promotion that this alliance is now in place.

You can find the full press release on all of this below:

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and The Owen Hart Foundation (OHF), a nonprofit charity which provides a vast range of assistance and opportunities to individuals in-need across the world, are collaborating to honor the legacy of late wrestler Owen Hart, a beloved figure in the professional wrestling community and beyond. This collaboration includes launching the annual Owen Hart Cup Tournament within AEW, which will see the winner receive a Cup known as “The Owen,” as well as the production and distribution of unique and original Owen Hart merchandise, including specified retail goods as well as the upcoming AEW console video game.

This alliance incorporates opportunities to develop Owen Hart action figures via AEW’s partnership with Jazwares, apparel, posters, and additional collectable merchandise. Owen Hart is survived by his wife, Dr. Martha Hart, who spearheads The Owen Hart Foundation with a mission of providing global aid to at-risk communities (e.g., scholarships, housing, various forms international assistance, food drives, backpack giveaways and Christmas projects).

“AEW’s relationship with the Hart family dates back to our inaugural pay-per-view event, Double or Nothing in 2019, and Owen’s influence is still felt today,” said Tony Khan, AEW CEO, GM and Head of Creative. “To extend his memory and his legacy even further through this agreement is a powerful and meaningful moment for the entire wrestling community.”

“The Owen Hart Foundation is extremely pleased to partner with AEW in this wonderful joint venture to honor Owen’s substantial international wrestling career and the lasting influence he and his craft has had in the sport. AEW’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament serves as a tremendous tribute to Owen and provides an incredible way for professional wrestling enthusiasts to celebrate his work in a most fitting way. We trust that Tony Khan and his amazing AEW team will do a brilliant job with this highly anticipated project. This OHF/AEW partnership is my special gift to all of Owen’s magnificent loyal fans who forever remember him and his inspiring repertoire of talents,” said Dr. Martha Hart.
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