AEW's Chris Jericho To WWE: "Don't Get Too Far Up Your Own A*s!"

Chris Jericho says WWE's "f*ck you, AEW" attitude didn't really bother him.

Tony Khan Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho says WWE's NXT show "didn't do that good a job as far as crushing [AEW Dynamite]" in the ratings recently, and has encouraged his old employer: "Don't get too far up your own a*s!".

The AEW star told The Messenger that Dynamite was "better than" NXT, and claims he isn't really too bothered by WWE's decision to "stick it to us with stunt casting" by deploying mega-stars like John Cena and The Undertaker when going head-to-head with All Elite's flagship.


Jericho also thinks competition is "good for the fans" and "good for the companies" overall, but couldn't resist throwing a verbal middle finger WWE's way with his rant. He referred to NXT as WWE's "secondary show", and said top stars wouldn't fancy working it regularly anyway.

Some fans have already shot down Jericho's remarks by calling them bitter on social media. A few folks even pointed out that AEW has loaded up on ex-WWE stars to try to improve ratings, so they view such comments as hypocritical.


Jericho had previously rationalised Tony Khan's recent online meltdowns by saying nobody can control his boss and friend.


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