AEW's Tony Khan Buys Ring Of Honor

Rumours of an ROH buyout were proven true on last night's AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan ROH

Enduring rumours of an impending Ring of Honor buyout were proven true on last night's episode of AEW Dynamite, with Tony Khan's much-hyped "huge announcement" being that he has purchased ROH from Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Having built the announcement up for several weeks, Khan made a rare on-camera appearance at the start of Dynamite, confirming the acquisition. Everything ROH-related now belongs to Khan, including the sought-after video library, intellectual properties, and other assets.

The following statement featuring quotes from Khan and ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff was released during Dynamite:-


Following up Khan's on-air announcement was a true ROH throwback, as Bryan Danielson fought Christopher Daniels in Dynamite's opening match. Both men competed in ROH's first ever main event (a three-way also featuring Low Ki) at the company's first show, The Era of Honor Begins, in February 2002.


A trendsetting promotion with over 20 years of history, ROH first rose to prominence as America's biggest indie promotion in the 2000s, paving the way for the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Danielson, and many more to break out and become stars. Sinclair Broadcasting bought the group in 2011 but made the decision to end its run as a full-time concern late last year, when it was announced that ROH would be embarking upon a four-month hiatus from that December. All contracted talents were then released as part of this process.

ROH is due to return with its first post-hiatus show, Supercard of Honor, on 1 April.

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