AJ Styles Gets New Bodyguard On WWE Raw

Jordan Omogbehin unveiled as AJ Styles' new heavy.


It didn't take long for the giant Jordan Omogbehin to find new employment in WWE's kayfabe universe following Raw Underground's closure, as Shane McMahon's former doorman formally joined forces with AJ Styles on last night's show.

Styles was returning to Monday nights after a short stint on SmackDown. He hit the ring with the big man in tow, saying his new brand finally had a true leader, talking all kinds of trash from the safety of his heavy's shadow. This bled into a singles match with Matt Riddle over which Omogbehin loomed large, though the giant didn't get his hands dirty. Jordan approached 'The Original Bro' on the outside and clenched a fist, but didn't swing, with AJ scoring the win following a Styles Clash when Riddle re-entered the ring.

Fightful Select broke the news that Omogbehin was being discussed for a potential role as Styles' manager over the weekend.


Signed by WWE in late 2018, Omogbehin stands at a legitimate 7'3" and is a former college basketball player. He has previously served as a member of Akira Tozawa's ninja clan and as the Raw Underground bouncer.

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