Alexa Bliss Brings Back Lilly On WWE Raw

Raw's biggest comeback wasn't Goldberg, Keith Lee, or 'No More Words'...

Lilly WWE

Alexa Bliss' possessed toy doll Lilly returned on last night's episode of Raw, appearing on WWE television for the first time in a month.

June saw Bliss claim that she was putting Lilly in "timeout" until live crowds returned to shows. Live crowds returned with last week's SmackDown, so Lilly was back in Alexa's Playground last night.

Alexa, who is still playing a demon child on television, reintroduced Lilly in a Playground segment featuring Eva Marie and Doudrop. Bliss warning the duo against saying anything bad about Lilly did little good. Eva and Doudrop defied Alexa, who claimed she wanted to know what Eva could do without her sidekick, leading to the former 'All Red Everything' tripping up as she tried to leave.


The implication was that Bliss or Lilly had caused the fall. This came less than 24 hours after Bliss hypnotised Zelina Vega during the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Doudrop attacked Bliss on last week's episode of Raw. Despite this, Alexa appeared friendly towards the former Piper Niven, who has served as a difference-maker since aligning with the returning Eva on Monday nights.

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