Alexa Bliss Teases Major Character Change On WWE Raw

What - or WHO - might have been part of Alexa Bliss’ strange WWE Raw promo?

Alexa Bliss

A major character shift for Alexa Bliss was heavily teased on last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw, and the potential “new” gimmick had more than a flash of an old one about it too.

Continuing weeks of subtle disinterest in just about everything WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair does and says, Bliss looked a million miles away during a post-WarGames rah-rah speech from the babyfaces, snapping out of a trance-like state just long enough to put Becky Lynch over before snapping right back in.

Though a straight heel turn has been speculated on for several weeks, the nature of this performance led many to believe that it could be return of the Bray Wyatt-adjacent “Dark Goddess” gimmick Bliss played between 2020-2022. Particularly when working back through the last several weeks to see how she got here.

Bliss has looked particularly disinterested in just about everything since Crown Jewel, where some Wyatt iconography flashed up behind her ahead of a Tag Team Title loss alongside Asuka to Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.


It wouldn’t just be Fiend Lore fans presumably high on this potential shift - Bliss herself is too.

The pair last worked together during what was as-of-writing Wyatt’s last match for the company. She appeared from inside a box-like-structure to introduce The Fiend for his WrestleMania 38 clash with Randy Orton, before distracting him with a goo-like-substance and causing him to lose a squash-like-match.

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