All WWE Horror Movies Ranked Worst To... Less Bad

9. Armed Response

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Armed Response begins with a pretty serviceable idea, if not a particularly original one. A prison staffed by former combat operatives has gone dark, and a crack team has to go investigate the cause.

They soon discover that Temple, an artificial intelligence created to detect lies during suspect interrogation, has judged the operatives guilty of some unknown crime.

The "rogue AI" story has been done to death, and the movie seems to know this. The film quickly abandons its traditional sci-fi elements, instead giving Temple a number of godlike powers the film never even tries to explain.

The horror elements of the initial two acts are almost entirely forgotten at the end, in which it turns out that Temple's murder spree is meant to force some of these soldiers to reveal their deepest sins.

Since Temple curiously allows its worst villains to survive her initial murder spree, the film devolves into a poorly executed final shootout between uninteresting characters with terrible aim.

This film acts like it has something to say about military ethics, but its unbalanced narrative combined with a bizarrely cartoonish betrayal by one character in particular prevent that message from coming across in any sort of meaningful way.

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