Anonymous WWE Wrestler Says Nia Jax Should Be Fired For Kairi Sane Incident

The incident was "1000% Nia's fault," says the source.

Nia Jax Kairi Sane cut
WWE/Twitter, @KairiSaneWWE

An anonymous WWE wrestler has stated their belief that Nia Jax "needs to be f*cking fired" for injuring Kairi Sane on last night's episode of Raw.

This morning's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio saw Bryan Alvarez state that he had been sent a text message from a wrestler who was in the house when Sane vs. Jax was taped last week, but specifically requested that their name be omitted. Understandable, given they said the incident was "1000% Nia's fault," before calling for Jax's job because "she is dangerous," and nobody to go before she "cripples or kills somebody."

The controversy first erupted from this situation last week, when it was revealed that Jax had busted Sane open after throwing her into the ring steps. The footage aired last night, highlighting the extent of the bump, though Kairi has responded defiantly.


The cut is the latest in a long line of injury-related incidents for Jax. WWE recently banned turnbuckle powerbombs after she clumsily threw Sane into the corner without a few weeks ago, adding another blunder to an ever-increasing rap sheet that has given Nia the reputation of a dangerous, reckless worker.

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