WWE's Kairi Sane Reveals Pics Of Cut Caused By Nia Jax

Well, Nia Jax and some steel ring steps...

Kairi Sane Nia Jax

WWE's Kairi Sane has posted pictures of the head injury she suffered during her match with Nia Jax on last night's episode of Raw.

It was previously reported that Sane picked up the injury when she was thrown into the ringside steel steps during some marathon TV tapings in late-May, but the Raw star has followed up with some grisly snaps of her wounds on Twitter.

Both pictures reveal that Kairi received stitches to close a nasty gash on her forehead shortly after working the bout with Jax. Sane added, "You are strong. I have lost to you many times. I am small and you may think I’m weak. However, you can never beat my heart. I will get back up again" to close out the post and complement the photos.


Nia is currently scheduled to face Sane's partner Asuka for the Raw Women's Title at Backlash on 14 June.

It's believed there's no backstage heat on Jax for the incident, and Kairi was said to be "fine" afterwards. That must be a relief for Jax - she was already coming under fire online for a dangerous-looking buckle bomb spot with Sane.

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