ANOTHER AEW Wrestler Injured?

AEW's injury bug continues as another top name reveals they are hurt.

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AEW's Kyle O'Reilly has confirmed company founder and CEO Tony Khan's claims that he is injured, doing so during an interview with This is VANCOLOUR.

The Undisputed Era man, who hasn't competed in several weeks, said that 17 years as a professional wrestler have taken a toll on his body. He is thankful to have avoided serious issues up until now, though he concedes that with their tendency to work hurt, wrestlers often need medical staff to step in.

Said KOR (h/t Wrestling Headlines):-

“This October, I’ll be wrestling for 17 years now. It’s a lot of bumps, a lot of wear and tear on your body. Fortunately, nothing serious has really happened to me. I’ve been hurt a lot, I’ve been injured, but I’ve always grinded through, made the date, showed up and performed as well as I can in the ring despite whatever I was nursing. Sometimes, the medical staff needs to save us from ourselves."

Continuing, O'Reilly said that things have become particularly problematic for him over the past five years:-

“As wrestlers, we’ll go until the wheels fall off. ‘My shoulder is hurt? Okay, I won’t do any moves where I land on my shoulder.’ We’re crazy like that. This is something I’ve been dealing with, it’s a nagging thing that I’ve been dealing with, specifically, pretty bad for the last five years.”

And while he claimed not to know all the details at the time of the interview, O'Reilly disclosed his current injury situation:-

“In the last few weeks of wrestling on AEW, I’ve been really banged up and didn’t know the extent of it until now. I still don’t know all the information, so I don’t want to disclose exactly what is happening with me. I need more information and I should know probably this week what the recovery time is going to be and what the recovery will entail. All I can do is, if there is time off, use it to remotivate myself, get in better shape, and come back stronger than ever before.”

Kyle last wrestled for AEW on the 8 June episode of Dynamite, winning a battle royal to advance towards a main event singles defeat to Jon Moxley. This was part of the promotion's effort to crown an Interim World Champion in the wake of CM Punk taking time off to heal his own wounds.

The likes of Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Jungle Boy, and more join O'Reilly and Punk on AEW's growing injury list.

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