Another BIG AEW All Out 2021 Debut Revealed?

Bryan Danielson has been rumoured, but could this wrestler be in Chicago on 5 Sept as well?

Ric Flair all out

Ric Flair has told Renee Paquette that he will be in Chicago, Illinois this week, with his son-in-law-to-be, Andrade El Idolo, set to face PAC at AEW All Out 2021 on Sunday (5 September).

Speaking on Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast, the pro wrestling legend made the claim that he hasn't heard anything from AEW owner Tony Khan regarding a rumoured debut for the promotion, touching on recent talk (h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions):-

“I can also tell ya, people started rumors -I’m not going to get into it; no need for that – ‘Oh, he’s going to AEW. He and Tony Khan are friends.’ Yeah, we are friends. But I haven’t heard a word from Tony. If he asks ya, tell him I’m around [he chuckles].”

Flair then confirmed that he will be in town to support Andrade:-

“I am going to see Andrade,. When they hear the Née-Née, Deano [Jon Moxley] and The Nat, they are going to hook it up!”

The 72-year-old has previously been reported as a "lock" to join Khan's promotion after his recent WWE departure. While Flair didn't confirm whether or not he'd be on the pay-per-view during his Oral Sessions appearance, it stands to reason that he might, given his on-camera appearance alongside Andrade at AAA TripleMania XXIX last month.

Andrade is currently managed by Chavo Guerrero Jr. in AEW, having failed in a previous partnership with Vickie Guerrero.

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