Another WWE Star Reportedly Unhappy

Is the end of the road near for this frustrated and unhappy WWE Raw star?

Lince Dorado

Recent reports in The Wrestling Observer stated that Gran Metalik wants out of his WWE contract. Now, PWInsider Elite are claiming that Metalik's tag-team partner Lince Dorado is also unhappy and fancies leaving the company himself.

This might not be the biggest surprise, in fairness.

Metalik and Dorado will be close behind the scenes - they've teamed together as Lucha House Party for years, and it makes sense that they're both far from content with their current situations in the company. Neither man has wrestled much since March, and they've found opportunities sorely limited since WWE returned to the road too.


PWInsider didn't confirm that Dorado had requested his release (Metalik, meanwhile, reportedly has), but did say that both masked men have attended recent TV tapings with a view of thrashing things out with WWE higher-ups.

They want to know why they're barely being used on Raw, and their clear dissatisfaction hasn't yet been soothed by any reassurances from Vince McMahon or others. It'll be pretty interesting to see how this one pans out.


Would you be sad to see LHP leave WWE? Or, do you think they could be utilised better elsewhere?

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