Another WWE Wrestler Has Requested Their Release

Joining Mustafa Ali in WWE's waiting-for-an-answer club is THIS veteran...

WWE release

Brian Kendrick wants out of WWE.

Per PWInsider's Mike Johnson, the ring veteran requested to be released from the promotion "at least" six weeks ago, but is still waiting on an answer from the company. This story follows recent news that WWE had declined Mustafa Ali's request to be let go.

Kendrick has recently been working as a producer on NXT 2.0 and 205 Live. Despite this, he has not been present at any Orlando, Florida (where both shows are filmed) television tapings in a while.


The 42-year-old former Tag Team Champion is currently in his third run with WWE, which began when he was brought back as a Performance Center trainer in 2015. Kendrick then transitioned back to a more regular onscreen role via the following year's Cruiserweight Classic tournament, throughout which his quest for redemption was a key storyline - until Kota Ibushi eliminated him in an acclaimed match.

Kendrick fell into a 205 Live role when the Cruiserweight division was brought back on a full-time basis, though he hasn't wrestled on WWE television since working a "semi-retirement" match in October 2020. Despite this, he recently filmed an NXT 2.0 angle that saw Joe Gacy's heavy, Harland, throw him down some stairs, though this is yet to be paid off.

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