Backstage "FREAK OUT" At WWE Survivor Series 2021 Main Event

Worry spread through Barclays Center as Roman Reigns wrestled Big E last night...

Roman Reigns

Last night's WWE Survivor Series 2021 main event prompted what has been described as a "minor freak out" backstage, as company personnel grew anxious ahead of and during Roman Reigns vs. Big E.

This is according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, who reports that officials were worried about the pay-per-view running out of time. Survivor Series was supposed to go off the air no later than 11:35 PM ET, though there were concerns about hitting that mark with Reigns vs. E still to go, as some staff wondered why the ring entrances for the traditional men's five-on-five elimination bout had been given so much time earlier on.

Survivor Series ended up meeting its timing target, fortunately, with the show finishing in the allotted window. Reigns pinned Big E via Spear, scoring SmackDown its only main card victory on a night dominated by Raw.


The pay-per-view's main card ran 3:29:32 in total, per the WWE Network upload. This means that it went off the air with five-and-a-half minutes to spare.

SmackDown's other victory, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Damian Priest, came on the Kickoff Show. That match ended via disqualification when Priest cracked the Intercontinental Champion with a guitar.

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