Backstage AEW Reaction To Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract Expiry - Could He Jump Ship?

What AEW insiders believe is next for Daniel Bryan after shock expiry of his WWE deal.

Daniel Bryan

As WhatCulture reported earlier, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract did legitimately expire as of this past week.

WWE officials are said to be desperate for Bryan to sign an extension but as of right now, the former 5 time WWE World champion hasn't yet committed his future and is officially a free agent.

In a new update, Fightful Select notes that Bryan didn’t make it widely known his WWE contract was expiring and a lot of the locker room had no idea about the real situation until recently.

As for Bryan’s future, two separate AEW sources have told Fightful that they are fully expecting him to re-sign with WWE and not jump ship.

Meanwhile, it’s thought that Ring of Honour will at least make some effort to bring Daniel Bryan in for a return appearance. ROH are said to still be in contact with Bryan, now over 12 years since his farewell appearance with the company where he first made his name.

It's certainly interesting to note that Ring of Honour legends Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe, as of right now at least, have become free agents together at roughly the same time. What a tantalising hypothetical fantasy match for 2021.


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