Backstage News On WWE's Aleister Black Wanting NXT Return

SmackDown man Black suggested Full Sail return a few weeks back.

Aleister Black NXT

Earlier this month, rumours leaked that former-NXT Champion Aleister Black - who was drafted to SmackDown this past October - had petitioned a return to Full Sail, only for his plea to be turned down.

Dave Meltzer, writing in the latest issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, confirmed the essence of the story, but provided fresh details on the exact substance. According to the veteran journalist, the Dutchman did not directly request a move to Wednesday nights, but rather voiced the idea to senior officials.

The report goes on to say that "nobody seemed interested" by the suggestion, meaning Black remains glued to the blue brand for the foreseeable future.


Despite speculation to the contrary, there is no validity in the claim Black floated the switch in response to wife Zelina Vega's recent firing. It's understood he aired the possibility before Vega's release.

The former Tommy End made his NXT debut in 2016, enjoying a fruitful, championship laden run on the brand before being called up to Raw last February. There, he did a whole lot of nothing besides have a creaky noise added to his entrance, before moving to SmackDown last month. He has not performed on the FOX show since losing a No DQ match to Kevin Owens on the night of his draft.

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