Backstage Notes On Cancelled WWE US Title Plans For Keith Lee & Riddle

Riddle's WWE United States Title win wasn't originally on the cards at Elimination Chamber 2021...

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WWE scrapped plans for Keith Lee to become United States Champion at Elimination Chamber 2021.

This is according to Dave Meltzer, who writes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE originally had Lee pegged to pin Riddle in a Triple Threat, using this as a way to get the secondary strap off of Bobby Lashley before inserting him into the WWE Title picture later that night.

Unfortunately, Lee's ongoing health issues prevented this from happening. The former NXT Champion was removed from WWE television after the 8 February episode of Raw, on which he defeated Riddle, and is yet to return.


Current reports state that Lee recently underwent tests to try and get cleared for a comeback.

Rather than booking Riddle as the loser, WWE flipped the script entirely. John Morrison was interested into the match in Lee's place. He ended up taking the L as Riddle went home with the belt, so WWE still accomplished the goal of getting the belt off Lashley without him having to be pinned or submitted.


Nothing is confirmed yet, but a backstage confrontation with Sheamus suggests Riddle will put the US Title on the line against the Celtic Warrior at WrestleMania 37 next month.

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