Backstage Notes On WWE's Bayley Vs. Sasha Banks Feud

Why WWE waited so long to pull the trigger on Banks vs. Bayley.

Bayley Sasha Banks

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez dedicated some time to discussing the ongoing Bayley vs. Sasha Banks feud on yesterday's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that WWE always planned on splitting the tandem up and having them feud after putting them back together as a pairing in late 2019.

This isn't a huge revelation in itself, as the turn and feud were teased for around five months before WWE pulled it off, though Meltzer added that the reason the writers held off for so long was that Banks and Bayley were so good as a double-act. They had originally planned on pulling the trigger sooner, but "kept moving it back and kept moving it back" as they were thriving.

Bayley and Banks are set to contest the former's SmackDown Women's Championship this coming Friday. That show also sees the start of the 2020 Draft, which could see the friends-turned-enemies sent to different brands.


Commenting on this, Meltzer stated that WWE may put an end to the feud before it truly takes off, though this is all speculative. There is no true indication of what WWE plans on doing with Banks and Bayley after SmackDown.

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